Jaguar F-Pace Meluncur Di Indonesia Dibanderol 1 Milliar

The first SUV Jaguar F-Pace finally officially introduced in Indonesia, with a tag of over $ 1 billion. Jaguar also promised to give SUV, with the best performance. "The concept of the F-Pace, is the ambition of the Jaguar to give birth SUV with the best performance. So despite having a body SUV, F-Pace had DNA Sport car with the best performance," said Chief Operating Officer of PT GAD, Roland Staehler. Thus, continued Roland. Anyone who drive SUV's F-Pace will feel something different compared to other SUVs. "It will be a different experience, while driving Jaguar F-Pace. So that sense of sport will remain with him, but have a wider space. Since this model was adapted from the model F-Type," he added. Well for otolovers who still want complete information, is certain to be patient for a while until the time of its launch in August 2016 GIIAS. Currently Indonesia introduced two models Jaguar F-Pace. Namely F-Pace first edition there are only two units in Indonesia and the all-new F-Pace. For the first edition was given a price of Rp 2.19 billion (off the road) and for the all-new F-Pace Rp 1.9 billion (Off The Road).
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