Modifikasi Sedan Audi 6 L Pikap

Audi premium car manufacturers only sell products sedans, crossovers and sport utility vehicle (SUV). But in China, Audi A6 sedan in the form caught on camera pickups parked on the roadside. Audi A6 sedan that is a real pickup that has been modified based on the platform Audi A6L. This car belonged to one Audi dealership in Beijing. But after the dealer went bankrupt, the Audi A6 pickup sold to a small workshop and is still used today. A shop owner said it wants to keep it. But that is not to be used as investment goods to be sold again a saar, but merely as a transport vehicle. Thus quoted from Carnewschina, Friday (06/23/2016). Even though it looks less maintained in the interior, but the sedan dimodikasi neatly. This is seen from the roof of a smooth, rear window, side body, until the tailgate that has changed with attention to detail. On the exterior, the front looks did not undergo many changes. While in the rear using a protective order for a tub. Audi also fitted logo and the word 'A6' in the tub door. Nevertheless, altitude or ground clearance of the car is still the same as the standard A6 sedan. It was not known in detail the specifications and technical data of the pickup Audi A6L, whether modified or not participate.
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