Mobil Baru Daihatsu Sigra Harga Kisaran 70 Juta

Busy discussed a long time that PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) immediately issued the latest MPV product that will compete in the segment of low cost green car (LCGC). The latest news, cars with a capacity of seven passengers who will become the sister Xenia will be priced in the range of Rp100 million. It is known from the official website of the Administration System Manunggal One Roof (Samsat) Tax Agency Jakarta Provincial Government which publishes Motor Vehicle Sales Price (NJKB) for cars that are touted to be named Sigra it. In the official website mentioned basic price Daihatsu Sigra Rp79 million, while the most expensive price of Rp106 million. But it must be remembered that the nominal base price has not been coupled with the motor vehicle tax (PKB) and others. Of the vehicle code is also known that there are two engine options offered on Sigra. Through B400RS code to the engine capacity of 1.0 liter and 1.2 liter engine B401RS for. It is estimated that from the final letter printed on that code, Sigra will be marketed in four types, namely D, M, R, and X. lowest Varian, D and F, will be equipped with engines of 1.0 liter manual transmission, while Type R and X-engined 1.2 liter with two automatic and manual transmission options. Meanwhile ADM Marketing Director Amelia Tjandra as confirmed Okezone, Friday (06/10/2016), said he could not comment about the tag of version Tax Agency's Jakarta Provincial Government. "I can not get in touch with the answer that the new product. If it's a car there in his official web Daihatsu. It's all there price. That's the code call centers, it is not of Daihatsu," said Amel.
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