Mazda MX-5 Mobil Paling Aman Uji Tabrak

Mazda MX-5 was awarded a five-star and deserved the title as a car with an open roof the most secure version of the new car crash test agencies in Australia or the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). Predicate obtained after conducting a series of ANCAP crash test. Reported Paultan, Mazda MX-5 achieved a value of 35.2 out of a maximum 37 points. Interestingly, the MX-5 scored the highest marks for the protection of pedestrians ie 33.72 of a maximum of 36 points. Previously, the highest ranking achieved by a Volvo V40 with a value of 31.76 points. Although it has won a five-star, but James Goodwin, CEO ANCAP still highlights the lack of active safety features on the MX-5. "Autonomous emergency braking, active lane and speed assistance systems support is lacking. As a new model, in order to continue to survive in the market of safety features should not be ignored, "he said. ANCAP along with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) to encourage the Australian Government to create an obligation for all cars fitted a number of safety features, including AEB. A study conducted by Euro NCAP and ANCAP reveal that the safety features significantly reduce the number of road accidents by 38 percent.
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