Alibaba Meluncurkan OS'Car RX5 Mobil Internet

Alibaba launched OS'Car RX5, SUV-type cars are connected to the Internet and supported by his operating system, Yunos. His ability to connect to the Internet and the provision of the operating system allows this vehicle to offer futuristic features for users. For starters, the car works of Chinese tech giant can recognize the driver via a smartphone or smartwatch, and customize features and settings to suit the driver's needs and desires, such as music and how navigation displays, as reported by The Next Web. The car is also equipped with intelligent maps, offers location tracking and direction without the need for WiFi or GPS. In addition, the cabin of the vehicle is designed to be controlled via voice command feature directly. RX5 also comes with three integrated screen on the dashboard and rear-facing mirrors, as well as four cameras to photograph the action selfie 360 ​​degrees inside the vehicle, and record video footage and photographs related to the trip the driver. This car is offered at a price of approximately USD14.930. However, Alibaba has not given an official explanation related to the safety of vehicles are connected to the internet this hers. Some sites have questioned the safety car before the vehicle is given with the same features, such as the Jeep Cherokee and the Tesla Model X SUV, experiencing problems related to hacking security systems, causing the car can be controlled by the irresponsible remotely.
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