Mobil Baru MazdaBT50 Pikap

The figure of the latest generation of products Mazda BT50 pick-up double cabin certainly will have a different look than the previous generation. Not a development model which makes it different, but the newest platform will use the Isuzu D-Max. Mazda and Isuzu recently indeed been working together to make a double cabin pickup vehicle assembly. Problems of development and production of the Mazda took a major reason manufacturer better known for this diesel engined vehicles. Mazda cooperation with Isuzu is expressed directly by the executive officer of Mazda Motor Hiroshi Inoue. Such cooperation may include the production of pickups using a base Isuzu D-Max. Inoue also know that manufacturers Ford uses D-Max platform for the production of the Ford Ranger, but he insists there will be a difference between the two products will be manufactured the Isuzu. Similarly, as quoted from Paultan, Friday (29/07/2016). Mazda BT50 is claimed will have a unique exterior body panels and dashboard design that is different from the Ford Ranger. Mazda BT50 production itself will be conducted at the assembly plant Isuzu also become an assembly plant for the Isuzu D-Max. Until now, Mazda did not confirm how much production will be done in the Isuzu-owned assembly plant.
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