Loutus Evora 400 Edisi Warna Spesial

Automotive manufacturer Lotus Cars offers 400 Evora sports car limited edition. Cars made with a special exterior color scheme is the result of selection Lotus fans around the world. "One of the designs in our poll deem worthy winner. So after we conducted a poll was completed with the results of thousands of votes, we have decided to make the winner be the production version," said Lotus Group CEO Jean-Marc Gales as quoted from Carscoops, Tuesday (07/12/2016). To be more exclusive and different from the standard version, plus Gales, it will produce 400 Lotus Evora it in very limited quantities. "We were only planning to build a total of 10 units of this car 400 Evora. With limited quantities and exclusively that, then this car would be more desirable," he added. Bodi 400 limited edition Lotus Evora combines the style of a classic sports cars in 1960 in modern sport. Cars will be coated using blue with orange stripes and white combination. Adjust zoom, Lotus will also embed a black wheel rims with red brake calipers. However, not yet known how much the price to make up for limited edition Lotus Evora 400's.
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