Modifikasi Suzuki Swift Jadi Nissan GT-R

Suzuki Swift glimpse of the front of this one somewhat resembles a sport car Nissan GT-R. It is estimated that this is the modification of Nissan GT-R in the modified vehicle type hatchback. Of the changes made home modifications Crewz Caddy, although the identity of Suzuki Swift still looks strong. The front part gets a refresher with changing sector stylish bumper GT-R, the character is reinforced with a grille design that identifies the Godzila which became known as the GT-R. While the headlamp still follow the manufacturer's standards, but the addition of DRL LED lights capable of implying sharp figure as used in the headlights GT-R. As quoted from indianautosblog, reinforcing the view racing style, the lower bumper spoiler lips bermaterial equipped with carbon. The move was also done on the bonnet by touch airscoop which have the function of draining cold air temperature to the engine. The back of the Caddy Crewz not a lot of changes other than replacing the bumpers and add wings ditelapkan end of the roof section. Suzuki Swift also received additional sunroof designed in a way to custom car roof. Unfortunately, the runway sector not got a touch of additional personnel and still rely on the manufacturer's standard K-series engine capacity of 1.2 liters that can generate power of 84.3 liters away from power 2.5 liter V6 engine belongs to the GT-R reaches 523 hp
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