Mobil BMW M4 GT4 Seharga Rp 1.3 M

Repeating the success of the BMW M3 GT4, in inter-brand car racing event GT4. BMW has recently introduced the latest generation race car that will be used in the racing event. BMW M4 GT4 is the latest generation of the M3 GT4 previously developed to fight with some other race cars such as Porsche, Toyota and Aston Martin. The plan, the latest race car will perform tests on the road later this year. BMW claimed M4 latest GT4, has standard specifications according to FIA GT4 regulations. Using the engine capacity of 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder engine with twin turbochargers, the power generated reaches 425 hp. Similarly, as quoted from Autoblog, Friday (07/29/2016). BMW is not expected to make too many technical changes to the engine used on the M4 GT4 this one, considering the ratio of engine power to the model M3 GT4 was within 5 hp. Specific details such as the total weight of the vehicle as well as the system of transmission technology used are still reluctant unfolded this German manufacturer. It is estimated that the weight of this latest M4 GT4 will be lighter than the model M3 GT4 with a total weight of 1,360 kg. While the production version, BMW will start M4 GT4 models launched in 2018, but the price to be offered is still not released BMW. As a rule, the previous-generation M3 GT4 priced at $ 140 thousand, or approximately Rp1.8 billion. BMW M4 GT4 racing car is designed to be used for highway and circuits. Despite having specifications as racing vehicles, this model is intended for lovers of speed or amateur racers.
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