Desain Terbaru Lexus LF-LC 2016

Selin cute car nan futuristic Lexus LF-SA, Lexus Indonesia also introduced a new coupe sedan, the Lexus LF-LC. His own name, which stands for Lexus Future-Luxury Coupe, implying future technology from Lexus.   We present this car to give an overview to the customer how Lexus prepare the means to meet the demands of mobility means of mobility in the future, ?? Principal says Lexus Indonesia, Hiroyuki Fukui.   First shown in Australia in 2012 ago. Designed by Calty Design Studio, Newport Beach California, the concept car was developed with a base of hybrid technology is environmentally friendly.   Lexus LF-LC technology is the culmination of a luxury vehicle that is expressed through the L-Finesse design, which is the future design direction Lexus with still emphasized on the focus drive. By using the Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive System, and supported by Atkinson Cycle Combustion Engine technology and Advanced High-Energy Battery Pack, the engine is mounted in the LF-LC is expected to be able to achieve the power of 438 hp.   Through the LF-LC, Lexus also seeks to redefine a vehicle capable of making pengendaraanya have a deep emotional bond with his car because of the luxury avant-garde and advanced technologies while remaining within range of premium buyers.   The exterior of the LF-LC is designed to spindle grille combined with the corners of the dynamic design lines to show the car is more handsome. Interior addition supported to provide ease and convenience, it also provides an atmosphere of luxury.
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