Fitur Mobil Listik bi-ION

The development of electric car technology is being actively carried out almost all automotive manufacturers world making a German technology company named NanoFlowcell develop electric car technology is more modern and the instant of electric cars available today. As quoted from Carscoops, Friday (05/08/2016), the technological advantages of electric cars was introduced NanoFlowcell that do not need to charge the battery power to run the electric motor becomes a car drive system. Technology named cell battery allows the energy stored in batteries that are designed to have a small size can be automatically filled with the power that comes from the liquid electrolyte that is named bi-ION. This bi-ION liquid electrolyte containing positive and negative charge that will react with the NanoFLowcell and produce electricity. Battery power continues to fill, of a capacity of 150 liters of liquid bi-ION on the tank car. NanoFlowcell also claims bi-ION fluids have properties not explosive, non-flammable and not harmful to the environment and can be recharged like fossil fuels in general. In addition, this fluid can also be manufactured anywhere with an easy way of filling.
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