Mobnas Ir Soekano Dipamerkan Di Bali

One official car belonging to the First President of Indonesia, Sukarno, on display in the Bali Classic Motor Show, Sunday, August 14, 2016. Mobil branded Yanka (gulls) made in 1959 that the administration of Russian President car in 1961. The car kind of limousine that is one- only one in Indonesia and could still operate. Secretary General of the Association of Car Enthusiasts Ancient Indonesia (PPMKI) of Bali, Wayan Sudana said, a classic car can not be separated from the history of struggle RI, so that by the 71st Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, it attempted recalls the days of struggle heroes Indonesia. In addition to the Yanka car, exhibited are also 70 other classic cars, such as car Fatmawati, Willys used the Indonesian army, which is the Land Cruiser Kayami Paspampres car at Bung Karno era. In the classic car show also are the oldest car that is made in 1913. He hopes, in the future built a classic car museum to store the historical objects. Meanwhile, Head of the Bali Provincial PPMKI, Mahayasa added, the average classic car can still be driven, only for older cars require special treatment, so it is only issued when there is a specific event. He himself collects classic cars because of inheritance from parents, as well as happy with a classic car. In addition to getting the value of education about education, classic car collection also preserving historic objects, in addition also has a high artistic value.
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