Konsep Terbaru Mercedes Maybach 6

A concept model of Mercedes Benz luxury sedan introduced premiered in the United States (US). Interestingly, the introduction of the concept model Mercedes Maybach Concept 6 was conducted in Monterey famous car auction house located in California. Futuristic design was evident in most luxury sedan Mercedes Benz. The concept was much different from the generation of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach there. Reportedly, the designer of Mercedes Benz Maybach Concept 6 is given the freedom to design a luxury sedan. Glance to see Mercedes Maybach 6 Bonet concept has a longer and slimmer body. This model is also considered to be similar to the IAA concept vehicle models of Mercedes Benz which was performed in September 2015. In addition to design a futuristic and luxurious, Mercedes Benz will immerse cardiac pacemaker that was serious in this sedan. Mercy claims power from the electric motor to be produced Mercedes Maybach 6 reaches 750 hp with a maximum speed of 500 kilometers per hour and acceleration from 0-100 km / h is achieved in 4 seconds. Similarly, as quoted from Carscoops, Friday (19/08/2016). From behind the futuristic exterior, Mercedes Benz Maybach 6 Concept will offer the value of the luxury cabins. The dominance of the original wood material into a top seed until the floor. The cabins sophisticated luxury sedan is equipped with a touch screen, perngkat important information such as GPS, and devices capable of storing user data to tailor the car before driving characteristics for comfort.
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