Konsep Mobil Listrik Nissan Blade Gilder

Nissan Motor presents a prototype electric car of futuristic design, BladeGlider, to be used as an operational vehicle for VIPs at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. BladeGlider concept model was first introduced on the mat the Tokyo Motor Show 2013. There are two units of Nissan BladeGlider will be brought to Brazil, one to be used as an operational vehicle and another just as a display. This car can accommodate three people with the configuration of one in front of the center as a driver and two behind. Nissan stated BladeGlider has undergone development as compared to the model introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show. Shaped like an arrow with the tip of a pointed front hood adds aerodynamic BladeGlider. There was a hole like grille at the front to absorb air and then removed at the side of the car. In addition, handling is also claimed to be better. It also involves the design development BladeGlider Tim Williams Advanced Engineering. They are part of the Formula One (F1) Williams and Jaguar never made a prototype XC-75, the car used foe James Bond in the movie 'Spectre'. Williams Advanced Engineering interference makes BladeGlider into a vehicle reliably in all situations. Thing that stands out is the use of a torque vector system that makes the car will not lose traction to the road despite dilajukan at high speed on the road cornering. BladeGlider can be driven with a choice of three modes, namely Off, Agile, and Drift. In essence, it allows the driver selection mode, from which the new can drive up to professional racers though, will be comfortable using. There are four modules in the lithium ion battery-powered BladeGlider 220 kWh. With the power of Nissan claims the car can accelerate from 0-100 kilometers per hour less than five seconds with a maximum speed of 188 km / h.
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