Datsun Go Hadir Dengan Transmisi Otomatis

In contrast to competitors in the car segment of low cost green car (LCGC) already completed variant with automatic transmission, this time as well MPV Datsun GO GO + Panca Panca only offered with a manual transmission. But this will not last long. Because the car brand under the care of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia will bring Datsun GO Panca and GO + Panca automatic transmission "Matik next year, waiting on the game. It will be our launch. Surely 2017 will be a breakthrough Datsun back," said Indriani Hadiwidjaja, head of Datsun Indonesia in 2016 GIIAS exhibition yesterday. Problem LCGC MPV segment competition is increasingly fierce, Indri said that Indonesia still has a considerable market potential, especially in the segment of car buyers Datsun. "Market Indonesia is still great. For the competition potential is still very large. Market Indonesia, the automotive market is only 8 to 10 percent of the population in Indonesia potential. So there is still unexploited at all. And we are confident to positioning we had, we could still reach a first-time new car buyers. Especially for people who Consist price, "said Indri.
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