Increasing levels of crime, the police seem to need a car like this. Named E7 police car was designed from the beginning to fulfill its function as a vehicle penegas law.

Although still at the level of concept, this car has received good response from the market. Carbon Motors, the maker claims to have received 14.000 orders. But this form of reservation to secure a place in the production plan.

So far that has not been resolved to the message more seriously or at least a down payment. Persoalnya, Carbon Motors is yet to announce the sale price. However, because this car special for the police, the price is certainly not cheap.

Instead of using the device that made exclusive, the engine used was the BMW 3.0-liter turbodiese, one of the best engines and the phenomenal. This machine is very efficient, much more efficient than other police cars that currently operate. All orders that are waiting for what the price of this car.

Interesting to see how big the intentions of the police officers all over the world to serve the community
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