Great, pembesut SX4 is also an avid home Bogor mepet fender modifications and minimal offset in the rear. "Because I like the style Hellaflush, simple but can get people interested," said Agung. Great car clubs are also members of Les Voitures, Bogor chose Leon Hardiritt Orden rims 19x (8.5 +10) inch offset due to have spotted, the front 25 mm and 19 mm rear. "Aggressive offset for my car," said a man who like to play guitar. Looks sturdy viewed from the rear! The other thing is the design, cross joint in the middle circumference of the wheel makes the car look so elegant and ciamik. And why choose wheels three pieces? "Its construction is unique and there is pride at wearing three pieces, 'said the man who like to read this book. Let the flat target is achieved, the Apex Court to use as front and rear wheels for Toyota Altis. As of this last cut, to the front and back of approximately 7 cm 5.5 cm. "At first I used a aftermarket, but too soft and lacking the short, want to cut my dear, I finally chose a custom," said Agung. Per has been cut, the problem arises because the tires stuck in the fenders. "Finally my fender grinding, keep the plastic fenders off inside me," cuap Court. Implication due to tire too mepet fenders, sometimes when the circumference of the wheel through the streets of curly like kissing fenders. Let's kiss the fenders

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