From about 40 model cars manufactured Geely Automobile Holdings Limited of China, there is one model that makes AUTOMOTIVE interested menjajalnya, namely Panda (so called because he looks like a typical Chinese animal, Panda).

Moreover, reportedly will be marketed in Indonesia. "We're still learning. If so, yes the 1000 cc CVVT (available in two engines, 1000 cc and 1300 cc, ed), "said Richard Yang, director of PT Indonesia Geely cars, car manufacturers Geely cars in the country.

Therefore, opportunity not be missed tried Panda. Plant is located in Linhai, a procession of the test was only allowed to surround the plant seputaran and accompanied by a test driver this Geely.Kali, AUTOMOTIVE invitations Panda 1000 cc with 5-speed manual transmission. First nyemplak in the driver's seat, the body feels comfortable. Even so kemudahaan operation buttons (AC, head unit) and the gear lever and other.

Well, now tried the road. For the 1,000 cc-engined car, the Panda was responsive when asked to accelerate. And agile when maneuvering. Could be spelled out because the tiny dimensions (PxLxt = 3.598x1.630x1.465 mm).

Because of limited land, could eventually tested top speed of mini cars in the country dibanderol no more than USD 100 million. But for urban cars, Panda really fit. Moreover, for large cities in Indonesia that is famous for jamming.

If only these bamboo-eating animals present, may be the Suzuki Splash, Kia Picanto, Hyundai i10 will have a new competitor.
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