Honda Prospect Motor introduced its latest minivan, Honda Odyssey in Indonesia, Monday (3 / 5). This is the fourth generation of one of the most popular premium minivan in Indonesia. HPM actually going to launch this minivan since last year. But then the crisis in the entire world that cause foreign currency exchange rates fluctuate. Yen has strengthened, while the dollar weakened. Because Odyssey CBU from Japan, deeply felt impact of the strengthening yen. Odyssey is a very expensive price. Therefore, the HPM delayed until this year when conditions are more stable and fast-growing automotive market.

Odyssey was first introduced in 1994 to break the trend of the minivan when it was with the view that body aerodynamics. This end the box-shaped design mininan. Year 1999 the second generation born and raced in a benchmark premium minivan segment, among others, with seats that can be folded flat and turned into another roomy cargo space. Present third-generation technology in 2005 with a low floor platform. Honda created the minivan with a flat floor, low, resulting in a maximum interior space without having to make a car so tall. This third generation is also more and reinforce the position as the Odyssey minivan with Performance like a sedan.
All-new Odyssey is now appearing more attractive. Ultra Low Design Platform to create a more spacious cabin and also combined with the more sporty exterior design with lines, curves and the indentation in the entire bodynya the aerodynamics. New headlights as the new Honda City. Using the technology of HID (High Intensity Discharge) and Auto Leveling. Aura luxury on the interior design of the more viscous with multilevel dashboard called Wave Shape. It became home to dashboard meter cluster and three-dimensional audio system with a touchscreen display. Glass-coated films of V-Kool, leather seats, ambient light reinforces an impression of luxury.
His cabin is not only luxurious but also comfortable with the design of the V Shape Cabin Cabin and Theatrical Space, where the rear seat is higher than the front seats. The result of each passenger can get more free visibility. Plus Triple Zone AC, Power Magicl yag 3rd ROW seat can be folded with a single keypress.

Odyssey Performance from the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine DOHC i-VTEC that produces 180 22.2kgm/4500rpm ps/6500rpm and maximum torque, an increase of 20ps compared to the third generation machines. This increase is thanks to the Drive by Wire technology applications, and other Torque Boost Resonator. Power increase was coupled with greener emissions that meet the regulatory Euro4.

This engine is paired with a five-speed automatic transmission which is supported technologies Hold Shift and Grade Logic Control System which is a lot of benefits on winding roads and up and down. Honda Odyssey is also equipped with various safety features. One is Motion Adaptive EPS + VSA Vehicle Stability Assist incorporates technology to prevent oversteer and understeer with the help of ABS, EBD, and BA and Traction Control is integrated with Electronic Power Steering. In addition there G-CON technology and ACE is a very strong body structure to protect passengers. Honda Odyssey managed to get six stars from the Japan New Assessment Program. Like other Honda vehicles, minivans are designed to minimize the risk of pedestrian protection to pedestrians if hit. For security including keyless entry, immobilizer, Anti-theft System, Security Alarm and Ultrasonic Sensors.
All new Honda Odyssey is available in four options, namely white, black, polished metal and silver. Jakarta on the road price of Rp 536 million.

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