Honda SUV output this elegant aura but for Abraham, aja less elegant. "Must with elegant MODIF flow as well, so I choose one brand ie DAD," said the owner of the All New CRV bernopol this CY B 45.
The result?. Garry successfully nominated in King Of Elegant in the event Accelera Auto Contest that was held in Singapore earlier this month. "A little more to be King!. Sweet fruit of hard work, "kekeh Abraham.

CRV's face with a compelling look behind the front bumper custom fiberglass material follows the style of Japanese Eyelid headlamp given style. Elegant figure began to appear when the emblem and logo pointed DAD. Not to forget mufflers, license plate holder also pointed DAD so elegant style appears thicker.

Rona matching legs with an elegant concept with 22-inch alloy wheels wrapped with string quartet dvs value tires 225/35-22 Nexen mendem to appear in front of the rear fender. "In order for the flat per sokbeker cut hingg three screws," entrust the whispered single home modification Auto Concept and VAJ.

Appears increasingly elegant impression upon entering the cabin space. "It took a while to realize the full DAD elegant interior touches," says Abraham. Sitting in the seat of the wheel is attached layers of fabric-covered dashboard visible parts following DAD knickknacks.

"From the phone, Air Conditioning, curtain up emblems and logos DAD. Seat holder so elegantly clad in leather with suede combined following Crocodile doortrim and ceiling.

Sweeteners sense of hearing that Abraham demanded change the angle of the trunk into home theater. "To this one took three months for the designing," he added.

Bang seems blaring music with a pair of 12 inch woofers Xtreme power-assisted four-channel pair of Xtreme. Not to forget the device type head unit Caska K133 appoint the following Samsung 32 inch TV and monitor Headrest Skeleto and little man.

"Speaker pake merk Cello size 3-way to the front and 6.5 inches and 6.5 inches for the rear Xtreme," lid
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