MODIFIKASI Honda Jazz 2009

MODIFIKASI Honda Jazz 2009
Original single Surabaya is a lover of street performance modifications. "This is the result of a second modification," said Lee, the crew Option Surabaya. No doubt the All New Jazz faces oriented in the flow of viscous visible after exterior clad JDM body kit J's Racing replica.

Exterior contours of the All New Jazz is becoming cool after mated body kit J's Racing follows the style of towing, diffuser, canard on the front bumper. Aura racing style body is subjected to increasingly attractive after cutting sticker with J's Racing Dry Carbon follows a stop lamp and spoiler Honda Fit Ings +1.

All New Jazz cabin Sign racing clear with a touch of Sparco Torino seats following dashboard designed in the style of carbon that condensed racingnya nuances. Kian machines feature allows the rider to read the indicator panel which contains a pointer pointing Toser water pressure, temperature cycle up to pressure gas mains.

All New Jazz Style racing in accordance with bodinya touch up front with the rear wheels pointing Ray Volk CE28 who bandaged Achilles quartet 205/40-17 tires. The legs appear to dip after the per sokbeker refer Tanabe.
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