SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Orlando

SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Orlando

Chevrolet Orlando news is going to enliven the Indonesian market, would seem to be true. Although the GM Autoworld Indonesia (gmai), ATPM Chevrolet in Indonesia - had not yet given the signal. Because, in China's multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is black GM seized the camera is doing a free trial. .

GM has not commented on the related parties 'arrest' of Orlando by the paparazzi cameras. If it went to Indonesia, he will compete with the Kijang Innova (machines), including the Honda Freed (price).

Orlando was developed from the same platform with the Cruze sedan, but more stretched dimension to 2760 millimeters. Promoted type of diesel engine capacity of 2.0 L is powered 150 dk. In addition, GM rumor is also preparing a hybrid version.

If you look at Orlando's exterior design, carrying the same DNA with Chevrolet products before, such as Captiva, Cruze, and Spark, which was launched earlier. GM-party state, this unit was developed from the concept of family car that combines practicality 7-seat, interior flexibility, and crossover design.

Orlando produced using Cruze sedan platform. Manufacturers will offer three engine options, each with capacity of 1.8 liters of gasoline and two 2.0 liter diesel type. The resulting energy difference, ie, 141 hp, 131 hp, and 163 hp.

On the Continent Blue, this unit will be the key to selling the successor to the Chevrolet. Wayne Brannon, President Director of Chevrolet Europe, said, "We believe the presence of Orlando not only offers value for money (value for money) more in the MPV segment, but also something fresh.

Like the 7-passenger car, Orlando has three rows of theater-style seats. Apply the concept of interior design hallmark dual cockpit with light bluish ambians in the main console. The position of the seat can be folded in several configurations to create a larger trunk space. This car is also equipped by various storage points, like the needs of a family car.

In Europe, full production will begin in October and sales will begin early next year. The plan, Orlando also become global products that are marketed to the parts of the country in the world.

There is no certainty launching. But, reportedly, GM pick event Pris Auto Show, next October as the debut appearance. If in China, Guangzhou Auto Show exhibition would seem to be the right time to launch this product to market.

Well, Orlando is one of GM's global product produced for markets around the world. This means that the opportunity would not go too close to Indonesia, first saw its market characteristics. We are just waiting for her presence,
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