SPESIFIKASI Hyundai C-Segment | Luncurkan Bulan Januari 2011

SPESIFIKASI Hyundai C-Segment | Luncurkan Bulan Januari 2011

Like do not want to miss the momentum, the South Korean carmaker, Hyundai Volkswagen followed by issuing a sedan specifically for the Russian market.

Previously, Volkswagen is knowingly give birth to a VW Polo sedan model specifically for this country. And the targeted market between Hyundai and VW are likely to crash.

As quoted leflanenews, Sunday (22/08/2010) Hyundai sedan which will be named Hyundai C-Segment is made with Elentra platform and is planned to be issued in January 2011 next month.

Detailed specification is not yet known about this car. But this possibility Anyar car will be equipped with 4.1 liter engine-powered 1.6-liter 109 hp or 122 hp power.

In Indonesia, the submission of information on Hyudai conveyed through the vehicle test results by journalists who through route Jakarta-Tangerang-Cikampek-Purwakarta-Subang-Lembang, Bandung, the end of February last. As a new generation city car, not a successor Atoz i10. Even so, the i10 will try to follow the success story of the Hyundai Atoz in Indonesia as a vehicle of a comfortable, safe and stylish. For the category of similar cars, Hyundai will face rigorous competition from Suzuki Karimun, Kia Picanto, Daihatsu Sirion and Xenia.

Amid the global economic crisis that affected the Indonesian, Hyundai did not set a big target. I10 sales target range 100-200 units per month, or 1,500 units during 2009. The plume, said Jongki, Indonesia manufacturer Hyundai i10 to get permission to assemble for the domestic market and export to Southeast Asian countries.

About the price of Hyundai i10 off the road, Vice President of Marketing and Sales Service Hyundai Erwin Djajadiputra variant GL manual mentions to USD 109.5 million while the variab GL otomotis USD 121 million. Later variants of USD 119.5 million GLS manual and automatic GLS USD 132.5 million. There is also the price on the road staying added tax 10 percent, thus, the price of ready-made vehicles powered by 1.1 liter is the lowest USD 120.4 million and Rp 145 million the most expensive.

Jongkie admitted selling price i10 not economical. The main problem faced by Hyundai with a relatively expensive price is because of the rupiah against the dollar today is more than Rp 12,000. In addition, car-producing country of origin is not included in the AFTA, which reached 45 percent import duty. While the car is imported from ASEAN countries only 5 percent. Hotma Siregar

Hyundai Specifications
Price USD $ 109.5 million to USD 132.5 million
1.086cc engine, 4 cylinders, 12 valves, 66bhp at 5.500 rpm, 3ft at 2.800 rpm
Five-speed gear transmission (gear four auto option), front wheel drive
Performance 95mph, 0-60 km in 15.6 seconds, 56.5mpg official average, CO2 119g/km

Also like the suspension specifications and features that will be tailored to the road conditions in Russia. Not only that, the price is likely also will be adjusted to bag the Russians. Some say this Hyundai sedan will be released starting from U.S. $ 10 thousand or approximately USD 90 millions.

Hyundai C-Segment will be made at the Hyundai plant in their factory in St. Petersburg in September this done before its official launch in January.
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