SPESIFIKASI Nissan X-Trail | Ekspor ke Malaysia

SPESIFIKASI Nissan X-Trail | Ekspor ke Malaysia

Indonesia-Malaysia relations sometimes heated, but it did not hinder the Nissan Motor Indonesia to open the Malaysian market.

Nissan X-Trail will export 2.0-liter, assembled in Indonesia to Malaysia. The move was made considering the huge demand Nissan X-Trail 2.0-liter in Malaysia.

President Director of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia, Takayuki Kimura said this at the sidelines of the opening together at a restaurant in the area of Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Wednesday (08/18/2010), tonight.

"Now in addition to Thailand, we are also exporting the Nissan X-Trail 2.0 to Malaysia," said Takayuki.

This change would make the X-Trail 2.0 is more interesting. Because the CVT transmission are pinned on the X-Trail 2.0 is similar to version 2.5. where motorists can be customized characters at any time by transmitting 'smart' this. As a result, would lead to a sense of fun to drive in a drive with this new X-Trail.

Moreover MR20DE coded engine is a development of the latest generation Nissan which has a high level of efficiency. Where the position of the intake manifold has been behind so near the radiator.

With a cheaper price than X-Trail 2.5, 2.0 CVT variant of this is a good option for fans and affordable SUV with automatic transmission.

Nissan X-Trail exports to Thailand and Malaysia was conducted from
January to December 2010. While the Nissan X-Trail enthusiasts in Thailand make a Nissan Motor Indonesia to increase the supply which had averaged only 600 units to 1,000 units per annum.

"For Thailand, that was just 600 units to 1000 units while to Malaysia as many as 1005 units per year," he said.


Nissan X-Trail 2.0 CVT
Engine: 1997 cc 4-cylinder CVTC
Maximum power: 139 dk/5.200 rpm
Maximum torque: 198 rpm Nm/4.400
Transmission: Automatic CVT, FWD
0-100 km / h: N / A
Top speed: N / A
Fuel Consumption: N / A
Weight: 1460 kg
Dimensions (P / L / T): 4.630/1.785/1.685 mm
Luggage capacity: 603 liters
Price: $ 250 million
Status: Confirmed
Marketed: Early 2009
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