SPESIFIKASI Honda Jazz Versi Hybrid | Segera Hadir

SPESIFIKASI Honda Jazz Versi Hybrid | Segera Hadir

Having previously been caught testing its flagship hatchback, the Honda Jazz which has a hybrid engine, Honda will finally officially released this car.

The plan will show the Honda Jazz Honda's hybrid version at the Paris Motor Show to be held late next month.

As detikOto quote from Autocar, Wednesday (08/25/2010), in this hybrid Honda Jazz will likely give many components of its flagship hybrid car, Insight with 1.3-liter engine behind bonnet.

These machines will be side by side with the CVT gearbox. But like other hybrid at low speeds, Jazz able to advance very far without the gasoline engine and electric power solely from batteries.

Meanwhile, for the exterior, Jazz, this hybrid design is going to take its regular version but with some significant improvements like the new look headlight, clear tail-lights, new forms of fornt grill, bumper different until a few touches of chrome on the body.

Well because this is a hybrid car, Honda also claims that fuel consumption Jazz, this hybrid would be very efficient even though Honda did not provide figures for sure. Honda Jazz but reportedly, this hybrid produces only carbon emissions no more than 100 g / km with an efficiency of more than 27.6 km per liter.

Most importantly, according to Honda, the integration of hybrid engines in the Honda Jazz does not sacrifice interior. Interior does not shrink thanks to IMA hybrid technology. Flexibility in the Jazz stay awake with seats that can be folded (Magic Seats).

Battery and power control unit mounted below the cabin. So the seat can be folded perfectly and provides the same wide cabin space with jazz versions of standards.

IMA electric motor hybrid at the same Jazz at the Honda Insight hybrid motor and the CR-Z. Gasoline engine was still using the 1.3-liter i-VTEC like Insight.

And like the Honda Insight and Civic hybrid, Honda Jazz uses electric motors driving the car at low speed. It makes quite economical petrol consumption that is 4.4 liters for 100 km.

As for the content of CO2 emissions of 104 g / km, according to Honda's test results.

Honda on its official website on Tuesday (9/28/2010) said Honda Jazz hybrid will be released in Europe in early 2011.
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