SPESIFIKASI Eva GT Bikin Hybrid Diesel-Listrik

SPESIFIKASI Eva GT Bikin Hybrid Diesel-Listrik
One luxury car manufacturer, the Morgan Motor, apparently did not stop surprising. After the sensational Eva GT, is now being prepared Diesel-hybrid.

Charles Morgan, Managing Director of Morgan Motor Company, told Autocar, as reported by detikOto, Wednesday (08/25/2010) that after Eva GT, there will be LIFEcar 2.

Referred to as "weekend fun vehicle", this is the production version of the concept car that had launched the concept LIFEcar when mat Geneva Motor Show in 2008.

LIFEcar 2 is a sports car diesel-electric hybrid that will have a range of more than 1600 km, so that really would be a car that efficient and environmentally friendly.

Morgan said that he was very proud of how the company has grown in the last two years, but change is necessary to meet the more stringent restrictions in CO2 emissions.

"We'll probably use more efficient powerplants. But I hope will be the same construction methods," said Morgan.

Unfortunately, so far no further details about the specification of the production potential of hybrid diesel-electric sportcar, LIFEcar this second. So, we just have to wait another surprise from Morgan.

A lightweight aluminum chassis on Eva GT can also be found on Supersport Morgan Aeromax, also cast aluminum in body panels are adopted from the aircraft.

However, another attraction of Eva GT is the cabin design of 2 plus 2, so it is more practical than Morgan Aeromax cabin space.

"Eva GT is meant to be able to serve the transportation of everyday family wrapped in a luxury GT car," said Charles Morgan.

"The seat back will be comfortable for children and small adults, and should also be able to make a comfortable if occasionally used by people is higher," he added.

Therefore, in order to provide extra practicality, the dimensions of Eva GT was 4.7 meters longer, wider and higher than 1.8 meters 1.2 meters from the Morgan Aeromax.

Eva Morgan GT equally supplied the engine from BMW, the Munich-powered engine hump302 hp and 295 lb ft of torque, twin turbo and direct injection strainght six, with 6-speed manual or automatic ZF 6-speed.

Weighing just 1250 kg, Eva GT able to speed up the acceleration 0-100 km per hour in 4.5 seconds, with 40 mpg fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of 200g per km, so that they meet emission standards of Euro 6.

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