SPESIFIKASI VW Beetle | Lari Pakai Tinja

SPESIFIKASI VW Beetle | Lari Pakai Tinja

Biogas from human excreta for electricity? That may have been unusual, but to run a car, it's just incredible. Yes, to run a VW Beetle car was used methane gas from human feces!

Make no mistake, though wearing feces gas, open the roof of the VW Beetle could be speeding, even reaching the speed of 183 km per hour. There are 'dirt' that comes out is not ya?

However, due to methane gas use, emissions are much cleaner fuel than cars. Named Bio-Bug, Beetle, with a capacity of 2000 cc of this performance is not inferior to conventional fuels.

Beetle was chosen because it looks cool when using jet engines. But problems arise, because the air in a volume much is needed for jet engines, only to enter the car through two side windows and sunroof.

One more thing, this car is very wasteful of the rear bumper. Why? Because the bumper will soon melt when the car is spewing hot fire when stepped on the gas pedal deeply. But now been given a kind of hot for a fire damper is not so affect the bumper.

Amazingly, this car actually has two engines. First regular gasoline engine to drive the front wheels and a jet engine in the rear.

The idea itself was originally to be driving on the highway using regular gasoline engine and when I want to have fun, just turn on a jet engine and get a great shot of fire (jet can be activated while driving with gasoline engines).

"The car was built because I wanted to travel on the highway with the wild as possible. With this project, I can use some of the things I learned in college engineering, "said Ron Pattrick creator who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. He built this car in a small garage, ranging from welding, paint, etc.

As quoted swns.com, Friday (6/8/2010), the leadership of Mohammed Saddiq GENeco, feces of 70 houses is enough to run this frog until 16 000 km more than or equal to a year's time the car travel in the UK.

"Previously, the gas from the feces has not been clean enough to run cars, but thanks to modern technology, Bio-Bug we can go as a conventional car and can use a replaceable fuel," he said.

But that does not mean this car really free fuel. To start, these cars require unleaded gasoline, and then after a hot engine, then the methane gas is channeled.

"If you drive this car, you will not be realized if you are using biogas, because the car drove just like using regular fuel," he said.
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