SPESIFIKASI Pajero Sport GLS 4x2 M/T | Lebih Responsif

SPESIFIKASI Pajero Sport GLS 4x2 M/T | Lebih Responsif

For the complete line of stylish, dependable SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, it is now presented Pajero Sport transmit manually. Besides lower prices, more responsive to its pull.

That first impression when reunited with less detikOto catch the latest variant of the Pajero Sport, which is now labeled GLS with manual transmission.

Although no different look to the automatic transmission type, but in the cabin there is a little touch on the color black coating seat now, so that direct the sporting impression created.

In addition, the difference of course on the transmission lever, ie, 5-speed manual, which remain mated with the same engine capacity of 2.5 liter 4D56 DI-D Common Rail urbocharger and intercooled.

The car is claimed to have DNA that is used in the game Pajero Dakar Rally is engined Commonrail 2.5L DOHC turbocharged and Intercooled, 4 Cylinder In-line (4D56). The machine ejects energy power 136 PS at 3500 rpm and torque of 314 Newton meters.

Pajero capable of driving up to a maximum speed of 167 km per hour. Pajero Sport consists of three variants, namely Exceed A / T 4X4, Sport Pajero Exceed the A / T 4x2, and Pajero Sport GLX M / T 4X4.

Meanwhile, industry data Indonesian Automotive Association (Gaikindo), said during January-February 2010 sales of Pajero Sport mencapai1.764 units. With sales of that, the Pajero Sport holding 26 percent of the total SUV sales during that period, which amounted to 6682 units.

Previously, told Tempo Rizwan Alamsjah sales call Pajero Sport 4x4 type or four-wheel reaches 60 percent of the total sales of SUVs that type of all existing brands in the country. "While that type 4x2 or front wheel drive about 10 percent. Sorry, I do not know the exact numbers," I am he.

According to Rizwan, his party this year hoping it could contribute to its flagship SUV sales to 15 percent of total sales. "We are increasingly the focus of work on the SUV market, we are targeting this segment accounted for 15 of total Mitsubishi sales target of 90,000 units this year," he said.

Ignited engines, cabin space remains silent, as the Pajero Sport automatic transmission version, only when holding the transmission lever, engine vibration is more pronounced.

Sign in first gear, there was something different with the acceleration of the Pajero Sport version of this manual transmission. Yes, its pull is more responsive, unlike the automatic transmission version is a bit heavy in the run-down.

Thus, the advantages in terms of acceleration the more refined with manual transmission, because starting from the bottom up to top speed, his strength could continue to fill.

And although labeled SUV cruisers, but various features and comfort provided by the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport on, it will not bother users, despite using manual transmission.

So, the city streets and jammed solid, legs stiff you will not imagine, because the pedal pedal clutch not heavy. Those advantages, stop and go affair could respond, although body cool.

Holders of trademarks, PT Krama Yudha Three Diamond release Pajero GLS Sport 4x2 M / T is worth USD 359 million on the road of Jakarta. Cheaper, also more responsive.
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