5 Mobil Buatan Anak Indonesia

Indonesia is now in the automotive sector is still the inability of consumers with yet these countries produce their own cars en masse and sold in the hundreds of millions of units. However, although not yet able to compete with the next door neighbors like Malaysia which already have a national car brand such as Proton, but Indonesia had already begun to produce a national car even though the majority of its components are still imported from other countries. That should be the pride of a step make the national car is already commonplace nation's children since high school or vocational high upwards.If you look at the skills of the nation out of many Vocational High School with the national car made, it is able to give a new hope in the near future if Indonesia can have its own national brand in the automotive market, if the Government wishes.Here are 5 national car Buaran hand vocational school students in Indonesia are able to make Indonesia proud nation.

1.Microbus Solar Car Suryawangsa 2

 Present in Indonesia as the successor generation of solar electric cars, Suryawangsa, Microbus Solar Car Suryawangsa 2 is made in SMK Muhammadiyah 7 Gondang Legi, and SMK Muhammadiyah Malang Haurgelis, Indramayu. Introduced at the end of 2014, the car has actually been researched since 2010."Suryawangsa 2 is the development of Suryawangsa 1 with the concept city car. His research has been conducted since 2010. Incidentally, this time for improvement by developing the type microbus, using electrical energy from solar cells," said Head of SMK Muhammadiyah 7 Gondanglegi. The car is already included in the refinement stage itself is planned to be produced in mass in 2020 with the so-called price will be in kasaran USD 80-90 million.

Car 2.Solar Giwangkara

 Besides Giwangkara, collaboration SMK Muhammadiyah 7 Gondang Legi and SMK Muhammadiyah Haurgelis who also took Laboratory Power System Operation and Control Institute of Technology Surabaya (ITS) also generates another car named Solar Car Giwangkara. Giwangkara electric cars using DC motors type Electro motor with a power of 7.5 KW, utilizing eight and four solar battery panel. This car has the dimensions of length 3,400 mm, width 1,550 mm, height 1,300 mm, and weighing up to 1,080 kg.

3. Multi Karya vocational golf

 In addition to commercial car, the students of SMK in Indonesia also managed to make with the specific functions that a golf cart.The golf car is the work of vocational Multi Karya, the STM, Medan. The car itself is made by using a motorcycle engine and its body is made with recycled materials that are environmentally friendly. This golf car also received praise from the Deputy Governor of North Sumatra, H Tengku Erry Nuradi."The results of SMK products Multi Karya as it boasts a golf cart in the middle of the North Sumatra government hopes to vocational education into the national flagship program," he said. 


In addition to a golf cart SMK Multi Karya, there are also cars with artificial specific function other CMS is named Buggy cars made in SMK N 1 Miri, Sragen. The car is designed for off-road terrain is called the work of the four majors in vocational namely Architecture Engineering, Multimedia Department, Department of Electrical and Telecommunications Department. Unfortunately, there is still no plan for one's car market to market.


 SMK of eastern Indonesia is also not to be outdone of producing homemade cars. Is SMK 8 Makassar who managed to make the car named Moko. Moko is an abbreviation of the Car Shop that looks this car is a car commercial that also serves as a stall or shop running. Moko itself will be a commercial vehicle for small businesses and planned to be mass-produced in Makassar on licensing PT FISH in collaboration with the University of Hasanuddin. In addition to these five cars, there are many more cars made by the students of SMK homeland that has come out and released since 2010. But unfortunately, these cars are like withered before it develops because of weak support from the government.
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