Mobil I-Road Mobil Masa Depan

Booth Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) at the exhibition Indonesia Gaikindo International Auto Show (GIIAS) enlivened with a special exhibition of Toyota Mirai and i-Road. TAM as an agent brand holder (APM) Toyota in Indonesia deliberately bringing two models of vehicles of the future as the importance of the campaign will be environmentally friendly vehicles as well as flexibility for its users. In the exhibition that took place in Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City, South Tangerang, Banten, Mirai and i-Road does look different among other vehicles. In addition to its revolutionary, Mirai conspicuous blue metallic. While, i- Road, so is easily recognizable as a vehicle designed to drive short rarely has a tiny body with three wheels. "Mirai and i-Road is part of Toyota's efforts in presenting a means of mobility that is able to meet a variety of changes in the pattern of people's lives increasingly dynamic and environmental challenges are getting bigger," said Marketing Director of PT TAM Grace Samulo on the sidelines of the event GIIAS 2015 yesterday , He mentioned, i-Road is already used in some countries such as Japan and France. According to him, the trial was expected to provide an option for people who want mobiledalam short term. "In Japan, i-Road used to connect users from the house to the points of public transport," he said. No wonder, he said, because i-Road is designed for mileage is only 50 kilometers. Judging from the shape, i-Road comes with combining the potential of cars and motorcycles. Small dimensions, it has a length of 2,345 mm and a width of 870 mm so as to make the vehicle move swiftly, suitable for narrow streets. Because of its small, i-Road also economical parking lot, only a quarter when compared to regular passenger cars. i-Road is also claimed to be an environmentally friendly vehicle for driving using electric machine with an energy source derived from a lithium battery. Nevertheless, these vehicles could reach a maximum speed of 60 km per hour. Meanwhile, for a Mirai, Toyota called it a new leap in the development of environmentally friendly vehicles after successfully producing hybridmelalui vehicle Toyota Prius. General Manager Technical Services Division TAM Hendriadi Dadi said, in his home country, Japan, Mirai got a good response from the public. This is evident from the order level of hydrogen-fueled vehicles that reach 1,000 units a month after its introduction in December 2014 ago. "This proves that the technology used Mirai be accepted by society," says Dadi. He added that the engines of Toyota Mirai comes from the fuel cell system which is a combination celldan hybrid fuel technology. Because it uses hydrogen, Mirai truly environmentally friendly because it did not produce alias zero CO2 emission. "In addition, because it did not use a machine like other conventional cars, Mirai very quiet when driving, no noise from the noise of the engine," he said. About performance, Mirai also no doubt. Sedan type vehicle which has dimensions of 4,890 mm long and 1,815 mm wide was able to go as far as 600-700 km for one refueling. "This car will encourage the diversification of energy because it no longer uses fossil fuels so that this will be the vehicle of the future," said Rahmat Samulo.
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