Konsep Terbaru Hyundai Vision G

Car concept coupe that Hyundai Vision G ready to display at Pebble Beach. Hyundai Vision G is a concept that is equipped with 5.0-liter V8 engine of 420 horsepower. However, as quoted from Top Gear, Thursday (13/08/2015), it is not the essence, and the true essence of this concept is the design itself. The sketch is put Hyundai design from around the world, but is dominated by the United States (US). Design Concept Vision G is focused on 'the idea of ​​the knight'. The word 'knight' is due to its shape as a two-door coupe that does not use a pillar. Form a large grille, large wheels cross looks more luxurious. Vision G have all the luxuries with a V8 engine and a door that can be opened and closed itself. Chris Chapman, head of Hyundai Design Center USA, which is a leader in the design of Vision G is said, with this design, all seeing eye Vision Concept G in the streets will be hooked. They will see this car a dynamic and constantly moving.
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