Mobil Toyota Berbahan Bakar Gas

The Government encourages mass production gas-fueled cars in order to realize the conversion of fuel oil (BBM) to fuel gas (CNG). Currently, there are manufacturers who began to produce cars that use CNG, namely Toyota. "There is already a CNG car production from the factory, so its use is safer, warranty exists. Because of the plant, the trunk is full, can be used entirely. The longer contrived Toyota," said Director General of Oil and Mineral Resources Ministry, I Gusti Wiratmaja Puja, in Plaza Centris , Jakarta, Friday (08/07/2015). He said Toyota's car production BBG is currently in the permitting process to immediately be taken to the streets and launched to the market. "Some certification requirements can walk, ntar asked to Toyota. Yesterday the permission of the Ministry of Land Transportation has also been," he said. He hopes that this gas-fueled cars can circulate on the market from the end of 2016. After creating a prototype, Toyota took a year to start mass producing CNG cars."We hope that the regulation is needed quickly solved. Our target is actually the end of next year new vehicles already on the market. Toyota took a year for mass production, the early prototype used to let be known," he said. To speed up the licensing process and the various regulations required for CNG cars, the government has established BBG Implementation Team consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Transportation, and the Ministry of Finance. "The team that will help the implementation of new cars that could go down in the market, could use the gas," Wirat explained. Furthermore, he revealed that Toyota requires special incentives that CNG cars were produced later can be sold at affordable prices in the market. Therefore, the production cost of CNG cars is more expensive than a regular car, it is necessary installation of CNG tubes and so on. "That was asked if there is a special incentive. If there's no incentive it later is more expensive, less competitive," he concluded.
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