Konsep Mobil Listrik Widya Wahana V

Institute of Technology (ITS) showed his ability to make solar power an electric car that is named, Widya Wahana V. This car will be tested the way from Jakarta to Bali. "Widya Wahana V is an electric car with solar energy (sunlight). Why use solar energy? Because Indonesia is a tropical country with a hot number mataharin very much, and it is ideal for electric vehicles," said Muhammad Nur Yuniarto, as the supervisor of research Widya Wahana V electric cars met interrupted pelapasan Tour de Java Bali, in Jakarta, Monday (08/17/2015). Widya car body subordinate V using carbon fiber materials. On the hood and roof of the car mounted Mono Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells 1035 watts to absorb the sun's heat. Electric car power source comes from Widya Wahana V BLDC electric motor-powered 12 x 12 kW with the use of Lithium Ion High Capacity 97.2 Volt DC, 15 KwH. "In a single charge this car can be used as far as 700 kilometers. The maximum speed of 150 kilometers per hour, the average speed of 90 kilometers per hour," he continued.
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