Desain Baru Toyota 86 Model Balap

Japanese automakers, Toyota is preparing the second generation of sports model, 86. Interestingly, the sports car will use the technology Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that is commonly found in racing cars formual 1.Reported Worldcarfans, Monday (08/03/2015), the reason for using the KERS technology because Toyota wants a high-performance sports car, but still saving fuel. In addition, second generation 86 will be sold at an affordable price. The plan, which is carried by the 86 machines that will use a turbocharger, and is claimed to be capable of producing up to 187.7 tk. The resulting power was far greater than the Mazda MX-5 engine, the 1,500 cc SKYACTIV is only empowered 128.7 tk.In the 86's the second generation, Toyota is no longer cooperating with Subaru as a partner with the development of the model. Subaru position now replaced by Mazda, which has the model roadster MX-5 or Miata. Another advantage gained from the cooperation of Toyota was not only related to the suspension and chassis are made Mazda. But Toyota promised with a new engine, two-door sports will have maximum power.86 is still in the development stage, the production process is also mentioned still in a long time. Toyota will produce Toyota 86 of this second generation in 2020. While the concept model will be introduced in 2017.
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