Mobil Molina Karya Anak ITS Surabaya

One of hope that continues to strive for the automotive industry the country is the presence of national car. In this case, the university and the students realize innovative central role.Within a few years back, the national car project created by students is not without results. One year ago, a program launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture succeeded in making a prototype electric car. National electric car (Molina) This is hard work students of the Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya. Noted, there are two prototypes of electric cars and energy-efficient cars that still they develop.In the lineup of electric cars, there is the name of Molina Ezzy Ezzy ITS ITS I and II. While energy-efficient cars and car called Lowo Ireng Sweep Solar Wind. Ezzy ITS II is a refinement of ITS Ezzy I have a large battery, which is 20 kWh. With such capacity, this car can go as far as 130 km on one full battery charge and a maximum speed of 180 km / h.One of the trials that have been done this car is doing the Tour de Java. At this trial, they menggeber Ezzy ITS in various cities with a total mileage of 700 km so far. With the completion of two Molina ITS trials, the research team continues to evaluate and improvement based on the record of the test results. ITS even deliberately build facilities in the form of an electric car research building on campus.The latest news, ITS student-made electric car will be launched in August 2015 is likely to be introduced in the mat Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2015 in cooperation with PT Garansindo Inter Global.
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