Audi Siapakan Mobil Listrik

Audi plans to bring the car to rely solely on electric power. This is evidenced by the appearance of a picture that shows a product concept sport utility vehicle (SUV) Audi's latest.Excerpted from The Motor Report, Friday (31/07/2015) after the teaser image (teaser) some time ago, now reappears images showing environmentally friendly cars named Q6 Audi E-Tron from the side and rear. From the images look quite futuristic design of this vehicle. The design of the rear lights look thinner by using LED technology, at the top there is a spoiler. Slightly different from other SUVs, when viewed from the side roof Q6 Audi E-Tron is not too high. Outstanding information call if Audi will use iron for construction Q6 E-Tron. It is, conducted to reduce the weight of the car.There has been no official information about the sources of energy used, but been anticipated E-Tron Audi Q6 will use a cardiac pacemaker similar to that of the electric supercar Audi R8 E-tron. Prototype Audi Q6 E-Tron is scheduled to attend premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show event in 2015. However, this environmentally friendly SUV will go on sale as early as 2018. Later, the E-Tron Audi Q6 will be a new competitor for products electric car Tesla Model X.
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