Spesifikasi Nissan Leaf Crossover

Nissan electric car all these years only have one model that is hatchback. The latest news from the British media said the best-selling electric car in the world that could have added another model of the crossover.Crossover car today is booming in the world. Not only in Indonesia alone. Nissan as reported by Left Lane News, Wednesday (29/07/2015) will be benefited with car crossover from the economic aspect. And Nissan executives also see crossover becomes a logical choice with the increased demand for crossover cars worldwide.Leaf and Leaf standard crossover will have the same drive systems. Although most likely crossover model will use more battery pack in anticipation of the car weight gain. For the latest Leaf hatchback, the car is believed to be able to reach as far as 250 miles on a battery ngecas thanks to improved battery technology.He looks even more beautiful reportedly going, with Nissan's latest design language like grille to form a V, and a roof that seemed to float. Head of Nissan Global Design Mamoru Aoki seemed inspired by the designs of the Tesla electric car very cool. He had praised the American-made electric car display it. So he promised to make the Nissan Leaf to get better and not stiff anymore. The car is expected to be launched in 2017. As for the crossover model of the Leaf will appear at the auto show followed.
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