GURT Masuk Di SFJ 1-5 September Di Ecopa

Car teams Yogyakarta State University, Garuda UNY Racing Team (GURTs) will demonstrate the ability to create a formula car by following Formula Student 2015 Japan (SFJ) in 1-5 September 2015 in Ecopa (Ogasayama-Sports; Shizouka-ken) Japan. GURTs press release said, the competition followed by students from Austria, Japan, Philippines, India, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, China and lainnya.Sementara of Indonesia, one of which is represented by Garuda UNY Racing Team F15. "We have registered officially in the 2015 Formula Student Japan. We got the car number 76, This time we need a lot of support from various parties is very open for cooperation and sponsorship," said Bondan Prakoso Chairman SFJ 2015 delegates.

To follow the 2015 Formula Student Japan, GURTs will produce a formula car named Garuda F15. "Philosophical Meaning of F15 Garuda, Garuda is the symbol of the state, F is a formula and 15 are in the competition," said Bondan. "We are targeting Garuda F15 can bring home the 5 categories SFJ champion in 2015, among others, best rookie, acceleration, powertrain design, design, and can occupy the top 10, "he continued. Automobile manufacture student formula begins with designing the car in accordance with the provisions of the 2015 Formula SAE regulations and local rules of the SFJ. After the manufacturing process design is complete, it will proceed to the manufacturing process. Automobile manufacturing begins with making chassis.Ninda Kurniadi, head of the technical team in 2015 SFJ delegation expressed the most crucial of these is a formula car engine system.Garuda F15 using Husqvarna SM630 engine with engine displacement formula car 600cc.Pembuatan involves 18 students were divided into two teams, a team of technical and non-technical.Team members come from almost all faculties at the State University of Yogyakarta.
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