MPV Cina Pesaing Avanza Segera Diproduksi

Commissioner of PT Sokonindo Automobile Alexander Barus said, since November 2014, Sokon started the construction of an assembly plant in Tangerang, Banten. With a $ 150 million investment fund, the plant can be operated in November 2015. That is, the competition Indonesian automotive industry faces the arrival of a new four-wheeled vehicle with Sokon brand. Going forward, he said, Sokon will make Indonesia as a production center for the Southeast Asian market. "At this stage of the construction of 40 percent in Tangerang. This is our first plant location Sanex because it was not the production we use it. Because we have made a small four levels, for machines already arrived at Priok, the main engine is being tested in China," he said in the Office Ministry of Industry, Jakarta, Thursday (07/23/2015). Alexander Barus said, in his home country, Sokon producing 400 thousand units per year. While in Indonesia, the first stage produced 50 thousand units per year. "Our production is that in China to 400 thousand units per year. For Indonesia, this first phase capacity of 50 thousand units," he said. Meanwhile, he explained, the type of car produced 1,300 and 1,500 CC diesel fuel to petrol. He said that currently the whole parts are still imported from China. "Later in the next five years targeted 80 percent parts made in Indonesia," he said. "This type of car MPV, slightly larger than Avanza," he added.
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