Harga Mobil Mercy E-Class Terbaru

Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI) was officially launched 5 new cars in the E-Class family. The fifth is the E 400 Estate AMG, E 250 Estate AVA, E 400 Cabrio AMG, E 400 and E 200 Coupe AMG Coupe AMG. 
 The fifth model can be ordered in Mercedes-Benz authorized dealers throughout Indonesia. Banderolnya, for models E 400 Cabrio AMG is Rp 1.409 billion. While the E 200 Coupe AMG Rp 959 million and E 400 Coupe AMG Rp 1.369 million. For models E 400 Estate AMG priced at Rp 1,469 billion and E 250 Estate AVA Rp 1,209 billion. All prices it is priced off the road. The light disguise on the Mercedes E-Class Reviews These prototypes track reveals what looks like a slight increase is in size for the E-Class. This marginal growth spurt is down to the new rear-wheel-drive platform MRA, the which currently underpins the new C-Class and S-Class. The lightweight architecture should result in improved efficiency and a better driving experience, but allow for additional passenger space.
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