Modifikasi Suzuki Agya Putih Terbaru 2015

Toyota Agya TRD S basically has had a different appearance from Type E and G, in addition to the sporty appearance only Agya Type TRD's but also has given the impression of strong, sturdy, and elegant, because construction bumper bodykit owned and shaped airodinamis and width below. 

From the interior of the cabin that served Toyota Agya decorated with layers of chrome accents on some surfaces, such as air-conditioning button, trim panel meters, parking erm trim lever and the transmission rod, which makes Agya TRD s increasingly looks elegant, from the interior also is pretty good , such as seat / stool upholstered fabric complete with removable headrests, the audio also uses Audio (doble) 2 DIN which can play CD / MP3 / USB and aux. 

Agya TRD-S is the result of innovation from Agya TRD Sportivo. If Agya TRD Sportivo exudes an aura over his or her sport tend to look fierce, to Agya TRD-S is featuring custom modifications and more stylish. So without getting touch modifikasipun, this car will look like a car that has been modified. It seems like if you want to give a touch of Agya car modification at TRD's, does not need to be expensive to make this your dream car seem more attractive again, that simply by modifying parts TRD alloy wheels Agya there's already quite a change, and it appears there was a touch of modification , As shown below for the modified TRD wheels Agya s.
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