Modifikasi Nissan March Ala Mobil Inggris

 Japanese automotive manufacturers Mitsuoka is known as a classic-style car manufacturer built on the base of modern cars. This time, Mitsuoka re-create with creating Viewt Nadeshiko.This little car has a typical British antique design in the 1960s. You certainly do not think if the base used car is the Nissan Micra aka March. 
The most viscous changes are on the side of the face with a chrome-accented grille and higher bonnet made tapered. Not escape, Mitsuoka also pinned classic style round headlamps for the Nissan March this headlamp, as reported by autoevolution, Monday (07/20/2015).While the changes in the stern side only includes a redesigned bumper with chrome accented additional panel. However, Mitsuoka retaining lamp design follows the back door congenital March. 
The legs were also changed by applying a tin alloy which dikelir beige body color matching. In order for the classic style more viscous, then Mitsuoka also adds a chrome accented light bulb to cover the wheel bolts.Mitsuoka retaining the default engine Nissan March is 3-cylinder 1.2 liter DOHC engine mated to a CVT automatic transmission. The maximum power generated by 80 Tk and is able to make this car glide up to 100 km / h in 15 seconds. 
For all rombakan classic style at this Nadeshiko Viewt Mitsuoka market for US $ 13,500 or approximately USD 180.4 million. prices will increase by US $ 2,500 or approximately USD 33.4 million if the consumer asked for a special color options available as many as 30 kinds.
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