New Car Pixis Mega Priced USD 189 million.

Toyota Motor presents a mini car (kei car) Pixis latest in the family line, namely Mega, in Japan. Although small, this car can accommodate four people. Mega complement Pixis models previously present, namely Space and Epoch. This car was built by Daihatsu and Toyota brands marketed over.

Pixis Mega has a door which features one-touch electric mechanism for the rear passengers that can improve access to the cabin kabin.Tinggi of 1,455 mm from 1,835 mm total height of the vehicle. Although the body is higher and less wide, Toyota said, Pixis Mega nevertheless offers handling stability, thanks to the suspension and body structure has been overhauled.

 Because it has a high body shape, called Mega Pixis offers visibility like cars in general. Visibility is also improved through the driver's rearview mirror that is at the side, and the middle mirror. As for the heart pacemaker, Toyota Pixis Mega powered 660cc petrol engine, which could result in power in the two versions of the 52 PS and a turbocharged version that could catapult power to 64 PS. With the small engine, fuel consumption could reach 25.4 km / liter. This car is sold at a starting price of 1.35 million yen, equivalent to USD 145 million. For the most expensive type sold for 1.7496 million yen or approximately USD 189 million.
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