Harga Mobil Murah 2015

Daihatsu's car is quite affordable from cheap cars and cheap cars toyota honda. Ayla car also comes with a variety of views there are versions of existing standards and its sporty version. The difference between to each type of car Ayla above lies in its feature section, for the most cheap that Ayla DM / Q was no air conditioning and power sterring. Our opinion if you need a car Ayla full features without a very sporty look, better to choose the type of car Ayla X because of features on the car is very complete. In the interior is very large and comfortable for the rider and the seater behind, luggage capacity is also large. 

Toyota Agya zoom is quite sporty with a fairly spacious interior. But judging a front face of the car seem large, but it has been tricked by an additional bumper which could give the impression of a more sporty. In terms of price this car Toyota Agya, are cheaper than cars honda brio. Of course, this distinction is because the quality of materials used is different. 

Honda Brio car itself is quite expensive among the other types of cheap cars, because it is from the exterior and the interior is very elegant and suitable for use by students or who like sports cars. The materials are in use and quality also differs from other types of cheap cars. Therefore this car at a price tag is quite expensive among the other cheap cars. For cars honda brio own shortcomings, we think the interior side that is not too big and seater rear seating position is rather narrow, and also not too large luggage capacity.
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