Garuda F15 UNY Mobil Buatan Indonesia

Tim electric cars 'Garuda F-15' by students of Yogyakarta State University (UNY) ready to compete in the arena of 'International Student Green Car Competition (ISGCC)' 2015 in South Korea (Krosel) 29-30 May 2015, to come. Electric cars are single-cylinder engine has a weight of 180 kilograms and can be driven at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour (km / h). ISGCC an electric car and a hybrid competition for students from various universities in the world. 

Towards the implementation of ISGCC in South Korea, the end of May 2015, the Sandy Gymnastiar and Komara, 'racer' is incorporated in UNY Garuda Racing Team (GURTs) in 2015 ready for riding Garuda F-15 and is optimistic to achieve maximum results in the international competition of the electric car. 

Until now, Agym call this new Sandy Gymnastiar dapatmenempuh time 23.71 seconds in one lap of the track. Results are increasingly making passion to practice in order to get the best results. In fact, he expects to take time 22 seconds. "In addition to practice driving a car, we are also doing fitness three times a week at the Faculty of Sport Sciences (FIK) UNY. Exercise fitness routine is to help the body strength and fitness, so it can control the car well," said Agym on campus, 

Admittedly, though not easy, but he is optimistic and ready to achieve best performance, as well as ever in reach kualiahnya sister in the same event in 2013. "Hopefully we can win a lot of categories and the overall winner in ISGCC," he hoped. Komara explains, electric cars Garuda F-15 engined single-cylinder 43 HP, AISI 4130 steel body with a thickness of 2-3 mm made from carbon fiber. While the dimensions of the car diameter of 10 inches, total length of 2.89 meters, width 1.35 m, height 1.06 m. UNY Rector Prof Dr H Rochmat MPd MA Wahab hoped, what ever at UNY achieved in the previous event, can be achieved again this year. This competition, according to him, not only as a show of kebolahan work of the nation, but also a comparative study of various state electric car team.
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