MODIFIKASI Honda Freed Pinky

MODIFIKASI Honda Freed Pinky

Honda reliable family car, ie, Freed, was not only able to perform elegant or sporty. Show coquettish also remain attractive to look at. As displayed in the carpet flirtatious Indonesia International Motor Show in 2010.

Honda Freed garnish appear with the color pink. Anyone who visited the Honda stand IIMS, his eyes would not have missed the 7 passenger MPV from Honda.

You'll see, with garnish primary color pink, floral airbrush into the background that reinforces the impression at the Honda Freed is feminine. Moreover, coupled with some cutting sticker silver foliage, so it looks more festive.

And to further reinforce the impression of feminine outward appearance, rim 18 inches in diameter were pinned on all four wheels, of course, also with pink garnish coquettish, but not shameful to be taken in style.

Bumper-bumper former then he cut to pieces as needed and connected with a special glue and then garnishand repainted again. So it is with grill. This section was actually taken over from All New Civic grill marks are acknowledged already broken. Under pinned grill chrome accents also taken from the scrap metal plate attached to adjust the form and on the front bumper and then re-chromed.

Moving into the cabin, there was no significant alteration of the interior too Freed alert of 2010. "I purposely made as simple as possible and everything is beneficial because it fits the concept of Go Green I remove the modification of excessive and a waste of material," he said.

For the seat again he uses MB Tech materials used on several sides. Seat uses a combination of green and white color, and the head rest is the recycle logo.

Then section sound system, Tom uses his label Venom special message for green. Also on the back Tomi create multipurpose rack of used steel plate material which he cut within their needs, then the chrome back. The result of this rack can be used to store clothes and shoes of the owner of the car.

As a courtier Tomi Airbrush, this man's creations poured Go Green themed pictures on the ceiling of the car. "I used the special paint to stick to the leather used for the roof," he explained. Options picture makes shades of green and white dominated the interior of this car.

Now enter the cabin. Hommy luxurious nuances and layers of distinctive women's visible from the white leather seats, combined with pink feathers in the middle.

While in the dashboard compartment, and door trim, even a touch of pink Honda pinned, so that Freed was really female.

So, do not be surprised if one day you happen to bump into the Honda Freed, which is the seventh person in the passenger cabin is
beautiful women.
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