MODIFIKASI Toyota Yaris 2007

MODIFIKASI Toyota Yaris 2007

Style Afian modification leads to street performances are supported by full-custom bodywork that circles the entire body. The concept is clear street performance combined with a matching wheel usage. But the concept of colliding with the interior of the exterior does not reduce the points of interest, this silver car. | Chand

The perimeter of this tiny car body is wrapped with fiber body kit custom model combined with Eyelid who closed almost half of the headlamp. Eliminate the impression of 'quiet' on the body side, it also placed stickers tribal black matte finish.

Unlike the exterior, instead adopting here Afian elegant style packaging complete with feathers dashboard model combined with re bekleed doortrim seat and sofa models.

From Racing Street seen from the addition of brake components, aka the rate freeze. All four wheels are equipped with disc brakes. Then, all four wheels using 19 of the Volk Racing rims. "Just the size difference, the front 245 is behind 275," said former student SLA CPC I Sower, Bandung.

Other forms of racing, sepatbor bloating front and made the gap winds on the back (near the door). Form of front and rear spoilers are not extreme, like the one mounted on the flow of racing from Cirebon.

Because it wanted to display eksrem, alter body too. Home modifications Namura Hyan detail with good form. Apron front stretched to 17 cm due to get a harmonic shape with a wide contour lighting and narrow. For the main light taken over from the Mitsubishi Grandis.

To the rear is more constrained width of 20 cm. When viewed from the side, such as using a double wing located at the top and middle. "Rear wing dimensions deliberately made wider to compensate for the front so as not innocent," said Willy, Namura boss.

Because do not want to say winning look, in any extreme overhauled as well. The entire wall covered with leather. Steering wheel racing, the top and bottom cut off and the front passenger space there ZX NOS tubes.

Just as the body, the audio was no less frightening. So that booming voice, fitter from Palembang XXXAudio install 8 subwoofer dimensions 10 and 12 inches from Rockford Fosgate PI. Dealers audio system power entrusted to the 3 units of power, each PCA five channels and two Hurricane monoblock.

Although the collision between the outside in MODIF concept, keep Afian macho interior with black color options total. In the backseat was also given a minibar actually thicken the elegant nuances of style.

Bang the bass and RnB music reflexion maximum dideliver by audio devices are installed by Afian. JVC head unit headed by a voice signal continues to power the sound output of Harmonic Drive and released by a pair of speakers Cello mid doortrim mounted on the left and right. Cello accompanied by a pair of speakers in the trunk of 12-inch woofer side by side with Harmonic Drive products.

Touch of condensed visible street racing after the wheels pointing straight forward 18-inch Volk Roys quartet Achilles 225/35-18 tires. more crazy into the fender, per sokbeker customed to boil more matching impression.

Wheels: Volk Rays, TIRE: 225/35-18 Achilles, bumper DPN: custom, bumper BLKG: custom, SIDEKIRT: custom, SHIFTKNOB: DAD, pedal SET: DAD, upholstery: leather, DOORTRIM: leather, PILLOW: DAD, HEAD UNIT: JVC, POWER, subwoofer: Harmonic Drive Technologies, Speaker, Tweeter
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