MODIFIKASI Mitsubishi Kuda | Extreme Question Mark

MODIFIKASI Mitsubishi Kuda | Extreme Question Mark

Experiments on extreme-style modifications are always taken by the commander of the community of Question Mark Alvin Pekanbaru. Still with Mitsubishi Horse champ doi contest again this time over the total in live action modification.

Body kit to support the exterior appearance was processed with extreme force is shown in hanging style to the asphalt. Let more and more in-dispay gahar time in the contest arena, the sector under carriage crammed with four-point air suspension Air Runner.

Return to the exterior, columns B deliberately backdated in order to obtain a longer leaves the door wide. This action made the exterior in addition to just three doors can also make visiting innards are roomy interior.

Two front doors are gullwing custom motorized system was supported by the case at the back door or hood. Extreme characters also felt not only the exterior of the device alone. In Car Entertainment devices were also appear extreme, such as the presence of four seeds speakers in the front hood.

Kijang Capsule modification mating parts and Mitsubishi Kuda. Instead of coloring the car body could be saving. The interior was redesigned and made from fiberglass.

When viewed from the front has changed totally. As the hood was replaced with the Deer capsule. This resulted in bone replacement front advanced 20 cm was made to get the curvature of the hood, and headlights have a Mitsubishi Kuda mounted fitting.

To meet the hallmark of his truckin lowrider-fusion body kit made of fiberglass materials and galvanized plates-that refers to the Dynamic Tornado for the BMW 3 Series. Front deck is shifted more rose 30 cm, 20 cm while the rear deck.

Then, the effect created by cutting the roof collapsed cabin about 12 cm. "Windshield tilt angle is made smaller, while the side and rear glass to make new," said Endang.

To the rear trunk lid using 0.8 mm galvanized plate, while the hinge mechanism taken from the trunk hinges Honda Genio. Shockbreaker him wear a KIA Carnival, and for a different impression, like as if united with a cabin in a way connected to use fiberglass.

Suspension inevitably have dioprek. Stand-per-front top is raised. Likewise with the bottom so the game remains the optimal distance, although the system reached the limit torque has played flat.

Position rear Shockbreaker made more sleep for a distance of more game. To reduce violence caused by leaves, two pieces per leaf (number two and three) removed.

For the cabin, all on-custom, including a dashboard that is designed to use fiberglass. Then the speedometer was adopted from the Mitsubishi Kuda and placed at the center, while the indicator Auto Gauge and help fuel the color TV monitor cabin without the impression of extreme disarray.

In addition to the speedometer, the other components of the horse who moved to Deer including power steering, air conditioning, and disc brake. This last component to change the rate freeze from the canister into the front discs.

Cultivation of the body pretty neat. Sepatbor a sweet (not too puffy) make the body look very elegant. Display it again sweetened with exhaust tip in front of the rear wheels and flat with the body

To simply leave the cabin interior Sparco seats only two. The entire cabin was filled by the audio system installers such as power amplifiers Venom DV 2600, six speakers Venom seed, 10 seeds Venom subwoofer, and four tube capacitor.

In Car Entertainment To visually realized with two LCD TVs Rocket 7 "LCD TV and a Samsung 23". Machinery sector as well with no less extreme set of HKS turbo-equipped devices. | Photo / text: DNR

BODY KIT: Custom, wheels: Davinci 20 ", suspension: Air Runner 4 points, SUNROOF: Panoramic, INTERIOR: MB Tech, seat / pedal SET / SHIFKNOB: Sparco, stir: Nardi, HEADUNIT: Pioneer, POWER: Venom VD2600, subwoofer : Venom 12 ", SPEAKER: Venom, capacitor bank: Venom, LCD TV: Rocket 7" & Samsung 23 "
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