SPESIFIKASI Peugeot 3008

SPESIFIKASI Peugeot 3008

Modify crossover fever is sweeping the world, did not make the Peugeot remain silent. Concept cars with high utility aka all terrain, yet still retain a sense of a sedan, participating manufacturers exhibited variant bearing the lion standing by 3008 latest.

At first glance, the Peugeot 3008 is a blend of MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle), SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) and hatchback. This can be observed from the shape of the body, hang out legs and the shape of the stern with minimal overhang.

Price list has become very sensitive since 3008 carried a premium feature is directly proportional to the price to be paid. AUTOMOTIVE agree with this when shared directly Peugeot 3008 crossover luxury in May last year with a 200 km route along the Croatian coast comb.

The most noticeable characteristic is when the driver sitting behind the wheel that has an atmosphere like an airplane cockpit. Dashboard and instrument panel design leads to the driver centric, it can serve entirely different adventure sensation. In fact, probably the first new Peugeot offers a cockpit-style setting for just driver. See center console and dashboard full of nuances that imply the aircraft cabin atmosphere. Lattice row of buttons below the AC that continues to gear lever, giving nuance 'ready for action' to every person who sits behind the steering wheel.

Not only the usual atmosphere of the aircraft, the feel of a driver or passenger can suddenly felt in the cabin jet fighter thanks to the panoramic roof is specially designed to be just above the head. Once moving head, clear sky can be observed.

Even so, sitting position and view of the eye to the windshield seemed to drive a typical premium European sedans that are full of comfort and feature a myriad of tools to operate the vehicle. No more SUVs in general impression.

Tool to talk while driving, 3008 armed with a variety of features that almost was not able to rival or competitor. The simplest example is a screen MID (Multi Information Display), which paired the driver's eye level just behind the roof of the speedometer cluster.

Still would not impede the view for this MID screen like acrylic or colored translucent mica, but can remove images and text according to the needs of drivers while driving. Move eye point of view slightly to the left, exactly to the center dashboard, a retractable display large display navigation system.

Another uniqueness of the design of cabin interiors 3008 is a multi-compartment. That is clear, his name is synonymous congenital modify crossover stuff quite a lot. So many drawers, holders and spaces in each corner of the cabin to store luggage so as not to loose the car when maneuvering or extreme enough suspension travel.

This is possible because the 3008 armed with two kinds of gasoline engine capacity of 1600 cc, ie VTi and THP is capable of spraying power between 120-150 dk. Output to be reckoned with for bringing a large enough body with five seats.

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