SPESIFIKASI Toyota Prius Sporty

SPESIFIKASI Toyota Prius Sporty

Toyota seem to want to continue to lead in hybrid technology competition between the world car producers. After the success of the Prius, Toyota was preparing to produce a variety of other hybrid cars.

The possibility remains Toyota's latest hybrid cars will incorporate 1.8-liter engine with an electric motor that is currently used by the Prius, but with the sensation that promised more sporty driving.

"Technology is our hybrid adaptive technology. There is flexibility in the application of our hybrid system, we do not want to develop new when we can give our characters more," said Gerald Killman Toyota powertrain experts like detikOto quote from Autocar, Thursday (8 / 7 / 2010).

Modellista create a set of full bodykit new bumper for front and rear, custom headlamp, and sideskirt to the exterior. The legs also get a change.

A set of Peleg 16-inch stuffed on third-generation Prius. In addition, lower body is also made with a custom blend them sendiri.Yang astonishing results, the changes of the exterior side, did not make the performance of the Prius changed. This car is still efficient in fuel consumption, and "destiny" as an environmentally friendly cars continue to work as the original.

There are three variants offered Modellista, namely Aero Tourer, Version 1 and Version 2. As reported by Motorauthority, of the three Aero Tourer is the most sporty. And if interested, the consumer must hurry after him, for accessories for the Prius is provided in the units is limited. even at the local Toyota showrooms, accessories are not available.

Fun, sporty elements that are installed on the Prius this anniversary edition does not affect vehicle fuel economy. Because this car is still drinking as much as 3.3 liters of fuel to travel 100 km and emit 92 grams of CO2 per km.

Anniversary edition Prius-10 comes with satellite navigation HDD with integrated sound support, monitor parking in the rear, Bluetooth, Intelligent Park Assist, cruise control, smart entry and start, wipers with rain sensor and head-up display.

Toyota plans will only build 1,000 units of the Prius X, with a choice between the White Pearl exterior colors or Astral Black. With the price Rp367 million, Toyota is targeting customers can receive the vehicles by the end of this year

Toyota itself until 2020 is intended to produce a lot of hybrid cars to the market and the ambition to produce 1 million hybrid this year.

While Toyota's intention to issue a sporty hybrid car has long it sounds to rival Honda CR-Z. A car concept called FT-Ch even have them show you.
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